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Do Alumni Associations Really Want To Engage Alumni?

Ask a sample of Alumni Associations to name their key objectives for the year ahead.  I guarantee you that engaging alumni, in one form or another, will likely appear at the top of the list.


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The Secret To Building An Alumni Social Network

Do you have a group of old, trusted, close friends that meets up every now and again? 

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Alumni Relations Budgets: We Can’t Afford It. Really?

Running an Alumni Association or Alumni Relations Department is all about making tough choices - where do you invest your limited resources to have the biggest impact?  

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Must Alumni Mentoring Relationships Be Like 'Marriages'?

A question for both alumni relations and alumni career services professionals – must alumni mentoring really be like marriage?  I don't believe so.

Let me explain.

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Alumni Career Services: Does Your School Pass The Red Socks Test?

The University of Phoenix aired this slick commercial some time ago. It's brilliant in many ways. Concise. Clear. Catchy.

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Alumni Networking: Size Is Not Everything

I admit it. I am obsessed with LinkedIn and am a bit of an addict when it comes to collecting contacts.

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Alumni Relations Best Practices: The Perfect Communication

Schools conduct ‘campaigns’ aimed at their alumni all the time. Yet it may sound obvious but have you ever put yourself in the ‘receiving shoes’ of those alumni?
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Impact of Alumni Networks on School Rankings

If you are in a senior position in a school, probably nothing is more terrifying than the publication of the latest school ranking.

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Alumni Networks: A Lesson from Ross and Chandler

I recently stumbled across an old 'Friends' episode which is super relevant for anyone running or thinking about alumni networks.

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Alumni Networking: How Schools Make A Bad First Impression

Most people when asked would agree that first impressions are critical in life.

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